Why your company is not your family?

 Why your company is not your family?

Be wary of executives who talk about their firm as if it were a big family. They aren’t usually talking about how the firm will always protect you or love you unconditionally. As is, in the same way, that healthy family would. It’s more likely that the motivation is a one-way sort of sacrifice: yours.

Life when you’re working for a company

Because invoking the idea of the family inevitably invokes the valor of doing whatever it takes. You’re not just working long hours or skipping vacation to boost the company’s bottom line; you’re doing it for the sake of your family. Only if someone is attempting to make you forget about your rational self-interest does such a crude emotional appeal become necessary.

To be respectful, you don’t have to act like a family. Or considerate. Alternatively, it could be protective. All of these values can be better articulated through principles, policies, and, most importantly, actions.

Don’t you already have a family or a group of pals that you consider blood relatives? The modern corporation isn’t a street gang of orphans striving to make it in a harsh world. Attempting to replace the family you most likely already have is merely another way of prioritizing the requirements of the corporation over those of your actual family. That’s a sleazy ruse.

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Family vs Business

Families do not make the finest businesses. They are advocates for families. Families’ friends. There to create healthy, fulfilling work environments so that people may be the greatest spouses, wives, parents, siblings, and children they can be when their laptops are turned off at a respectable hour.

Parents cannot fire their children in a real household. Consider the following scenario: «We’re sorry, Susie, but your mother and I have concluded you’re just not a good fit.» For the past six months, your table-setting effort has deteriorated, and your fixation with ponies isn’t adding any value. We’ll have to say goodbye to you. But don’t misinterpret it; it’s simply family.»

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